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3 Simple Steps in choosing your site for the PAPA pump

droplet.jpg - Small (150 pixels)STEP 1; Click on this Icon on the map below and then the location of your water source

Storage-Tank-Symbol.jpg - Thumb (60 pixels)STEP 2; Now click on this  'Water Storage' Icon and on the map where you need the water delivered to /stored

plastic1.jpg - Medium (300 pixels)STEP 3; Click on the PAPA pump icon and move it to where it gives you the most water where you need it

So enter your Post Code, Zip or Address to find your site and once you have sited the Water source/ Storage and Pump-> Click Calculate.

Then you send us the results from wherever you are in the world for a quote of all the kit you need to install the pump yourself or with help to and start saving water & energy as well as reduce pollution!


Enter address or coordinates: GO!

Elevation (m)
Supply Head (SH): 0 0
Delivery Head (DH): 0 0
Approximate Water Delivery Per Day:
This calculation assumes the water source has an average of 60 litres / minute available for the Pump