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When you sell a Papa Ram Pump, it's just the start!

The ‘added value’ options you can sell to your customers can multiply your profits.
With every pump sale you can also sell:

•  Infrastructure materials such as pipes, tanks, building materials, water troughs, ancillary parts, etc.

•  You can offer an installer service.

•  You can sell warranties and a maintenance service.

•  You can sell complementary items, e.g. for irrigation, livestock or off-grid living.

"Whether your company is involved in the supply of irrigation services, renewable energy services or is a water utility and wherever you are in the world as an agent or distributor, we can work with you to supply our unique patented products to help your customers save costs and save water"

How We Can Support You

agent distributor training

Training Provided

Water Powered Technologies provide FREE training sessions in the UK covering company background, technical information, marketing strategies and installation requirements. International training can be carried out by Skype, Zoom, webinars or online web chat.

agent distributor technical support

Technical Support

Water Powered Technologies support their agents and distributors with dedicated technical support by phone, Skype, Zoom, email and online chat.

Our technical staff are available to help with any product or installation queries or problems.

agent distributor training technical material


Water Powered Technologies has videos, leaflets, case studies and the performance calculator from the resources page on this website.

For Product Technical Details, Training Guides and Installation Locations you can click here.


Marketing Support

Water Powered Technologies will provide a comprehensive range of media support (hard copy and social media) web banners, videos, technical animations, approved images/logos and website templates.

Logos and hi-res images can also be downloaded from our resource repository:

What type of agent/distributor do you want to be?

We welcome new agents or distributors in areas where we do not currently have local representatives.

To qualify as a WPT distributor you must:

•  Have experience in the agriculture, water industry or groundworks.

•  Be willing to abide by WPT’s retail and marketing guidelines.

•  Commit to buying stock as part of the agreement.

In return we offer a 2 tier distributor price structure…

Distributor Lite

Designed for small agricultural or water companies.

•  Smaller stock investment
•  Install a working demonstration pump
•  Receive a discounted trade price
•  Free remote technical support

Full details on request
Please fill out form below

Full Distributor

Designed for larger companies and retailers.

•  Larger stock investment
•  Receive a larger discounted trade price
(dependant on stock investment)
•  Exclusive trading territory
•  Free remote technical support
•  Training provided
•  Marketing support.

Full details on request
Please fill out form below

To apply or to receive full details, please fill out this form:

right click and save to your desktop

fill out your details and submit form

Everyone completing the distributor enquiry form will receive full distributor details and options.

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