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Case-Studies (PDF)

Papa Pumps used for National Trust public conveniences in an off-grid location

Villagers install Papa Pumps to deliver water to village
Self Installed

5 Pump System delivers water to an off grid Nepal village
Self Installed.

Saving money on mains water
with a Papa Pump system
Self Installed.

Devon estate farm uses a multiple (6) Papa Pump system to save £30K/yr on water bills

Save money - retrofit your old ram pump with a Papa Pump
Self Installed.

The Papa Pump delivers water
for Nottinghamshire off grid Garden Allotments

Farmer used a grant to pay for his pump and self installed.
Self Installed.

Bowood Golf Club Camelford installs 2 Papa Pumps and saves £000's on irrigation
Self Installed.

A Papa Ram Pump installation supplies remote off grid African
Self Installed.

Superb reliability! This Papa Pump operates for 10yrs
on the same set of valves.
Self Installed.

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Comparison Studies (PDF)

Saving time and money using a Papa Pump instead of Diesel pump
Self Installed.

Cost comparison: Papa Pump
vs. diesel pump for Malaysian plantation irrigation

Boreholes can dry up. This caused problems for this farmer. Solved with a Papa Pump.
Self Installed.

Farms using mains water for livestock save ££££'s on public utility bills.
Self Installed.

Papa Pump Energy Comparisons
See how electric, diesel and solar pumps compare in energy usage
download the pdf here

Is your priority to reduce carbon emissions?

As the Papa ram pump only uses the energy in flowing water and thus needs no electricity or fossil fuels to operate, it has Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions

See how the Papa ram pump compares with diesel and electric sytems.
Download the CO2 Calculator here.

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