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"With no moving mechanical parts, the award winning Papa Ram Pump is probably the world's simplest and most cost effective water pumping solution, delivering water 24/7 without the need for electricity or fuel!"

Many of the world's aquifers are now in distress - pumping ground water from wells or boreholes
The globally patented Papa Pump utilises flowing surface water - NOT GROUND WATER -  and so does not impact on the water table.

papa ram pump v traditional

Although its design is based on traditional hydro ram principles using the 'water hammer' effect to pressurise a portion of the flow, the Papa Pump uses a patented elastomeric valve which has enabled the design of the pump to be much smaller and lighter.  They are manufactured from a modern 50% glass 50% plastic composite, which was specifically developed as a metal replacement - it's extremely strong and stable and doesn't corrode. We have pressure tested our pumps to 50 bar - 5 times the maximum working pressure - and we can't break them!
Using this new valve has increased efficiency and the use of the modern composite material has increased the durability of parts and reduced costs - replacing a Papa Pump valve is a fraction of the cost of the traditional valves and can easily be carried out in the field by anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY.

Typical Applications for the Papa Pump

Your own fresh and natural spring or stream water delivered and distributed all over the farm, for free! Animals prefer to drink natural water.

Off Grid Water Supply
Without the use of any electricity or fuel, the Papa Pump will pump water over long distances and to impressive heights, 24/7

Humanitarian Projects
The Papa Pump is the ideal low cost water delivery solution for remote communities - easy to install, easy to maintain, no fuel needed.

Commercial & Utility
A Papa Pump is ideal if you run a water intensive business with access to a flowing water source on your site. You will save on huge water bills

Why buy a Papa Pump when it's easy to make your own?

The internet is full of instructions for home-made ram pumps and there can be no denial that they will work - up to a point. What they don't tell you is unless they are delivering water to only a few metres in height, they will require much maintenance and replacement of mechanical parts. It takes a pressure of 1 bar (14.5 psi) to raise water to a height of 10 metres. The Papa Pump is the only ram pump that contains no mechanical moving parts. It will quite happily deliver water to 100 metres (10 bar, 145 psi) in height over long distances 24/7. And it will require simple maintenance once or twice a year at a very small cost.
We recently interviewed a farmer who knew about the Papa Ram Pump but was sceptical and decided to save money by building his own. Three homemade ram pumps and hundreds of £'s out of pocket later, he gave up because either they didn't work the way he needed them to or they were too unreliable.

Watch the interview with a farmer who thought he could save money by making his own ram pump

If you invest in a Papa Pump

You could get a return on your investment within a few years - some customers have even seen a return within 1 year! and you will have free water for generations to come!

to find out how

If you want to know just how good the Papa Pump is, don't only take our word for it - watch the video below to see how some of our customers are saving up to £20,000 per year on their utility bills!

Why is the pump special?

Click below to see a detailed description of how the pump works

Will it work for me?

Check out our Site Planning page to see if the Papa Pump will work for you

How & where can I buy the kit?

purchase over the phone, or for online shop

Do you need any advice?

Use our contact form, the chatbox at bottom left of any page, email us or call us on:

+44 1288 354 454

If you need help with your site

Need help planning your site's water system?  Purchase a survey here.

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