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A pump that works without fuel or electricity?

Many people say that it sounds too good to be true.  So perhaps before you commit to purchasing a Papa Pump system, you will want to see a pump working on a site and to be able to ask one of our customers for their honest, independent and unbiased opinion.   This is why we encourage people to visit some of our demonstration sites where working farmers will show you their pump system and tell you how a Papa Pump has benefitted their business.

Have you already got a Papa Pump system?

Would you like to be a demonstration site?  Water Powered Technologies provide fair remuneration for the effort and time to show neighbours and visitors their well maintained pump sites.  All visits will be by appointment at a time agreed by you - no unexpected callers! Sites must be accessible and if possible, near to good roads.  We are particularly interested in sites in the Midlands, North of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  Contact us for more information to see if your site qualifies.

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