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Video clip answers to frequently asked questions

We have put together a series of video clips aimed at answering the most common frequently asked questions about the Papa ram pump. If you have questions which have not been answered on this page, please either call us on +44(0)1288 354 454, or complete the form on our contact page and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as we possibly can.

What is involved with installing a Papa pump?

What powers the Papa Pump if it uses no electricity or fuel?

How much water will my Papa Pump deliver?

How much water do I need to run the Papa Pump?

How easy is it to maintain the Papa Pump?

What materials is the Papa Pump made from?

Will the Papa Pump work on my site?

When and why would I need to use a Sureflow valve with my Papa pump?

What's included in the Papa Pump Kit?

How does the Papa pump cost compare to a borehole?

How does the Papa pump cost compare to a diesel pump?

How does the Papa pump cost compare to an electric pump?

How does the Papa pump cost compare to mains water?

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