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Farmer David Barnes found his old metal ram pump was costing too much in time and money. He switched to a Papa Pump and says it has given him more water, saved money and now he forgets it's there.

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Water Powered Technologies recently teamed up with the charity 'Singing Gorillas Projects' to install a Papa Pump which delivers water to a hill top village in a remote part of Uganda.

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American engineer Nolan is a water pump enthusiast and p[urchased a Papa Pump.  It was unlike anything he had seen before and was so excited by this new pump, he had to show it to his friend Brian.

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Blue Flag beach

Papa Pump system produced
a saving of £18,000 / year

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mains water bill surprises

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Papa Pump Water Catchment
for better water quality

How the Papa Pump is helping off grid communities in Uganda

Superb golf course installs 2 pumps, pays back in first year

Experiences of new and old
Papa Pump customers

Home-made ram pumps are false economy!

Phil Selwyn, pump inventor, explains how the pump works

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