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Luis Mulet se especializa en temas relacionados con agricultura de precision y nuevas tecnologias amigables con el medio ambiente. En el video describe las cualidades y beneficios de PAPA PUMP la bomba de agua que no utiliza combustible.

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Emma's land is off-grid and she needed to get water to her hilltop barn so she self-installed a Papa ram pump. With a little help from friends, she found it relatively easy.

5 gold stars

Borneo: the Living Waters Charity self-installed Papa Pump delivers over 32,000 litres of water a day to their 600+ orphaned/disadvantaged children!

Part 1. Michael loves building ram pumps but when it came to a reliable and more efficient water delivery up to the farm he found they were false economy

Part 2. Michael loves building ram pumps but this final part shows how he found the Papa Ram Pump system to be far superior to the home-made versions.

WPT recently teamed up with the charity 'Singing Gorillas Projects' to install a Papa Pump which delivers water to a hilltop village in a remote part of Uganda.

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Large Scale Livestock Watering
on Devon Estate

Remote sewage plant saves
on manpower and equipment

Water good enough for a
Blue Flag beach

Papa Pump system giving
savings of £18-20,000/annum

How a Papa Pump can avoid
a nasty water bill surprise

Preventing bank erosion at NT Kedleston Park, Derbyshire

Exmoor farmer explains why he retrofitted a Papa Pump

Papa Pump Water Catchment
for better water quality

How the Papa Pump is helping off grid communities in Uganda

Superb golf course installs 2 pumps, pays back in first year

Experiences of new and old
Papa Pump customers

Home-made ram pumps are false economy!

Phil Selwyn, pump inventor, explains how the pump works

Customer explains the benefits of retrofitting a Papa Pump

See this tour around the Chinese installation from the source to the water delivered to the village.

American Engineers review
the Papa Pump.

see the animated installation video

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