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Invest in a Papa Pump and save money

The ethos of Water Powered Technologies is to save water, time, money and the environment. Any expenditure on the pump, infrastructure and maintenance should be fully funded by the savings made with ‘return on investment’ achieved within a few years. A good system should be trouble free and last for generations, providing free water for your farm, home or business.

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Avoid the false economy of cheap or DIY pumps

Build-your-own and cheap ram pumps are plentiful online and are OK if you only want a little water, you don't want to deliver water to much more than a few metres in height and are happy to spend a lot of time and money adjusting and repairing the system. If however you need a water supply without any of the hassle, then invest in a Papa Pump - it's a smart, reliable business solution for your water delivery system.

See how this farmer wasted lots of time and hundreds of pounds with DIY ram pumps

Saving with the Papa Pump...

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Saving on Water Bills
This UK FARMER was spending £22,000 per year on mains (public) water for his 500 head of cattle. He had a stream available but there was no power at the site to move the water to the farm. So he installed a Papa Pump system himself which he found fairly easy, and now he just uses the mains water for the house.

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Saving time with the Papa Pump
This UK FARMER used a diesel pump to pump water from his spring up to the farm. The diesel cost only £250 per year but he had to walk down and start and refuel the pump twice a day. After installing a Papa Pump system, he not only saved on fuel costs but also saved a couple of hours a day on his valuable time.

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Big Savings for Business
A remote SEWAGE TREATMENT WORKS employed someone to visit weekly to clean scum off the surface of the humus tank contents. 2 Papa Pumps were installed which pumped water without power or manual intervention to continually spray the surface and so disperse the scum. The pumps also charged a pressure vessel to enable use of a hosepipe if required.

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Improving Lives with the Papa Pump
A CHARITY installed a Papa Pump to deliver water to a remote village at the top of a hill in Uganda. Previously the women and children of the village had a long walk to fetch water. Since installing the Papa Pump the women are free to do more things and the children can attend school more often.

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Invest in a Papa Pump - it can Save Money Compared to a Solar Pump
The sun is free when it shines but you still need an electric pump to deliver the water...
...and that can cost you a lot of money.

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How a Papa Pump can Save Money Compared to a Diesel Pump

Diesel pumps are often used to deliver water in off-grid locations, but if there is suitable flowing water source, a Papa Pump can save you a lot of money.

Click on the case study opposite to see how a Malaysian Vegetable Plantation could save by replacing diesel pumps with a Papa Pump installation.

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